Sunday, 24 May 2015

Working Hard for Fate

I started off wanting to be a hairdresser when I was about 5 or 6, that probably being put down to the fact that every time I accompanied my mother to get her hair cut I would get a raspberry flavored lollipop and get to play with the spinny chairs rolling up and down the salon. That soon changed to wanting to be a panelbeater, just like my father to take over his business. I don’t think I was ever interested in cars, but more infatuated by the photo copy machine and the rainbow of post it notes he had on his desk. Architecture was thrown into there, I went to a summer course for that one and while I loved making the little house models out of Styrofoam and toothpicks I then realized I couldn’t draw a stick man in proportion. Interior design then came from that and somehow that changed to nutrition. Nutrition was the one that stuck for a while, it was already an interest of mine but I was just baffled by the dietary trends that would come in and out of fashion quicker than the span of time that jelly shoes were the biggest “in” item to have (were they ever really though?). Then somehow the only one that has stuck with me was writing. It’s always been something I’ve loved doing, from writing short stories where the narrator was Timmy the ginger cat, to writing English essays that would somehow turn into psychoanalysis about how the blue sweater that the character was wearing represented his deep sadness in his life- no Helena, his jumper was just blue. Writing turned into journalism and that has gone from the very standard end of the spectrum to “There is no way in hell I’m going to be societies monkey simply telling people what the media wants them to know”. Who knows, maybe my mind will change and I’ll get myself into a job that hasn’t even been invented yet. But I know for a certain fact that I will never be satisfied with a career that leaves me hating my day to day routine and have the weeks highlight being a glass of wine on a Friday night. I have high standards for myself and while that has put me in some detriment previously, it is the sole attribute that pushes me to where I want myself to be. I know that in times to come I will be pushed in the deep end, but that’s okay because I know I’m a good swimmer. Sinking or swimming in life comes down to attitude; its how you look at the situation and how you choose to react to it. It’s become a joke between my brother and I about fate and how tiny details of situations play a huge part in what has followed. Fate however shouldn’t substitute for working hard. I am constantly overthinking and worrying about where my life’s road is going to take me, but I’ve finally put myself into the mentality that if I work to the highest of my ability to make what I want happen, the rest will follow how it should. You get what you put in and that applies to not only your career path but also so many more aspects in day-to-day life. Fate’s a funny thing though, maybe if I didn’t buy that little black journal 3 years ago I wouldn’t have begun regularly writing, if I didn’t go to a particular dinner party I wouldn’t have heard about the school that I currently attend and I can assure you 100% that I would be a completely different person than who I am now. So with this, take that if you work hard, let life take its course and have straight vision to what you want your life to be life; I can assure you things will find it’s way to working to your favor.  


  1. I love writing and I feel the exact same way as you - I don't want to be a gossipy journalist, and I want to enjoy whatever it is I end up doing. I've read pretty much all your posts, and your blog is very inspiring!

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