Monday, 25 May 2015

The Moon

The night sky drapes like black velvet, caressing my body as I lay on the crispy grass of my backyard. Within the darkness of the sky lays the illuminated moon. I wonder if you are looking at it too? It's a strange thing to think that no matter where in the world we are standing, we are faced with the same moon. The same spherical, foreign, white rock is the same no matter where you are. The same craters and indentations grace the eyes of you, me, and people I will never get the chance to meet.

The moon is a lot like us really, the marks and dents it withholds can be seen as flaws on face value. But once understood, it shows character, a history, a story behind every little rigid crack that covers it. And what a beautiful thing it is that even in the uttermost darkness it still shines like an everlasting bulb for all to see. The milky white exterior hides itself from time to time, using the omniscient clouds as a shield. Other times, it is only just peaking out; still being present but not allowing itself to be an open book. And sometimes it is not there at all, and leaves me with an inescapable darkness that has me feeling blindfolded.

That is why I think you are like the moon. You are always there, but it has taken time and understanding to grasp onto the intricate details that you withhold and try to mask with clouds. But like the moon, you go. It is inevitable. The sun must come up, and with that you must run away with the nights black cloak, leaving me to revel in the warmer light of the sun.

However, with the impermanence of the moon I gain a great deal of solace. I began to appreciate the time we shared together. I now appreciate how in amongst the wiltering foliage embedded in the shrubs of my back yard, the white light reflects on the waxy exteriors of the leaves that still hold life in them. You always see the best in me when you are around, and shine your inner light on the good in amongst the fatal flaws.

And I know that if I lose grasp of the moon, I will always have a sea of stars. But no one will ever shine as bright as you, and no one will ever illuminate the sky like you do.

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