Thursday, 5 March 2015


As much as I've tried to ignore it, I've come to accept that impermanence is the only form of life that we all truly become familiar with. The impermanence of every aspect of our lives is the reason that we hold on so tightly to memories of moments, people and places. I've questioned why I feel nostalgia so deeply within myself, and it's only now that I have come to a conclusion that the idea of nothing being a permanent thing both feels so heavily daunting and comforting at once. It has pushed me to leave the dark periods that have passed in the past, and to genuinely appreciate the aspects of my present life that bring light into my existence. This idea of impermanence allows me to hold onto everything that has influenced me and shaped me into the person stood here today. It's made me come to the realisation that I am a collection off all my individual and collective experiences. So with the dauntingly comfortable thought of an impermanent existence, I won't spend my precious time apologising for doing, feeling or living.

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