Monday, 22 September 2014

Movement for gender equality

Such an inspiring woman with powerful words to share, if you haven't yet go watch this video. Feminism isn't man hating, nor just the latest cool trend for young girls to get into. It's the movement of gender equality and for girls, women to feel that they are given the same rights as males. We live in a world where in all honesty men are dominant, girls from a young age are instilled with the idea that they must marry a man who will go off to work whilst they stay home to raise the family, and women now are shunned when they are career driven and don't chose to fit the stereotype of a common house wife. I hope that one day I can travel myself without the fear of feeling unsafe, I hope to get the opportunities that I deserve not based on my gender but rather how hard I have worked to earn it. I hope to one day raise a daughter in a world that treats males and females equally and encourages girls to be powerful figures who empower each other rather than compete with each other. Gender equality is a basic right that I hope people grasp onto, we as a generation need to ensure that the world we live in is a fair one, one where people of both genders feel that they are treated with the utmost respect that they deserve. Feminism isn't something to hate nor be scared of, it's simply the movement of woman being treated equally as men, which I think is only fair and deserves to be instilled in our future generations to come.

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