Saturday, 23 August 2014


"I have always been interested in how actions taken in the past could affect and echo in people's lives in the present."

The past is a strange thing. While we like to say the past is in the past it never really simply is. Our pasts trudge along side us through all of our days and everything we do. We base decisions and actions on what we have known in our past and let our experiences affect us in our present lives. While holding the past as something of importance is vital, it's all quite interesting how certain events can withhold you, while also push you in certain directions throughout your life. I myself let my past depict a lot of how I see the world in my present day, and right now whilst I reflect on that I see that it's probably not the most beneficial thing to my own personal growth. I don't think you ever really live if you're constantly basing your way of thinking and doing to what you know. You need to venture from what you know to really experience life in its fullest and more raw form. Life is messy, and it's meant to be full of unknowns, ups, downs and everything in between. Holding onto the past too tightly prevents you from really experiencing the full extent of your present.

Yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday, and while reflecting on the past I also decided it was about time I really started to appreciate my present and to focus on what I was doing day by day to ensure myself the best future possible. My past may have shaped me to who I have become over these 16 years; but i'm here right now, living in the present, and it's pretty great.

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