Monday, 7 April 2014

March Favourites

A little late, but better than never! Here's what I've been loving this past March.

Lux Oil
This is something that my hairdresser got me hooked onto; this oil is better than Moroccan and Argon oil as it has both plus jojoba oil. This is pretty much the holy grail for hair care oil. I've found that it has brought so much life and lustre to my hair over the past few weeks that I've been using it.

Hello Hair
I ordered this after seeing it floating around instagram and this is another product that I have been using to tame my locks. I usually use this once a week and put it in my hair while i'm studying (a few hours before having a shower) so that it really gets to working and then making sure I rinse it out in the shower makes my hair feel amazing.

Meditree Tea Tree Cleanser 
I've decided that it was about time to change cleansers. My skin has been absolutely diabolical these last few weeks, no idea what it's due to. But I've just started trying this cleanser and found that it's really had a positive effect of my skin already, leaving it feeling very clean and fresh after every use.

Leo Bancroft Simply Tousled 
This is something that I picked up at Target in Brisbane as a last minute emergency hair treatment before the wedding which worked wonders! I've been using this a lot lately as it gives my hair volume and texture.

Mac Russian Red lipstick
I've been obsessing over this lipstick for months now and I've finally gotten my hands on it. I feel that this red is that one red lipstick that suits everyone. I remember reading that everyone suits red lipsticks and finding that the most stupidest thing I've ever red but the more I experimented with red colours the more I began to realise that once you find a shade of red that suits your complexion/hair colour/etc it can look amazing.

Mac Concealer 

Best concealer I've ever tried. Finally something to cover up my dreaded under eyes. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is like me and has a strange obsession with covering their under eyes.

Benefit 'You Rebel' tinted moisturiser 
I've never actually tried using a tinted moisturiser before this one, but I have really been missing out. I use this on my "minimal makeup days when I have to make some sort of effort because someone is coming over and I'm not that comfortable enough around them to let them see me bare faced and el natural" days.


Peter Alexander Pj's
Not really "fashion" so to speak, but these pyjamas have been something that I've been pretty much living in every evening. They are so comfy and warm, and the pants are lovely with little ankle snuggles. The top is also great because paired with jeans it's totally able to be worn as a casual look and not be caught to be pyjamas!

Vampire Diaries 
I needed something to watch while the final season of gossip girl was being shipped, and how glad I am to have fallen into this series. At first I was a bit skeptical as I thought it was just going to be very Twilight and predictable but oh how I was wrong. I am absolutely hooked right now and I can't wait to spend my holidays snuggled up watching it all day. 

I'm really loving Rookie Magazine's 8 tracks at the moment. Their mixes are keeping me sane through my mountains of study. 

I haven't really found anything new lately, but I've just really been loving old favourites like Tanya Burr, Lady Smart, Zoella and Rookie Mag.

Until next time,
Helena x

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