Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Product Review // KeenSkin Coffee Soap Scrub

I had been a little sceptical of all of these coffee scrubs that seemed to be becoming a big thing lately, but after a while I caved in and after doing a bit of research I decided on ordering a coffee soap scrub from KeenSkin. First of all, I have found that this makes my skin so smooth even after only one use. I used this all over and found that I had no irritation which is great seeing as how sensitive my skin is. Secondly I used to get red bumps all over my thighs due to skin sensitivity when I shave- now that is gone. I'm still mind blown by how only after a few uses of this coffee soap scrub I now have no skin irritation. I use the scrub after I shave my legs which I find reducing and redness/bumps considerably, and also all over my body which makes my skin smooth and refreshed. It's really affordable and shipping was way faster than I expected, defiantly would recommend this product to anyone as it is great for all skin types- even if your skin is extremely sensitive like mine!

Photo taken from my instagram- @helenanuich

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Helena x

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