Monday, 24 March 2014

Product review // Bellabox

Bellabox is a newly found product, and I was instantly impressed with the concept. Pretty much, each month you receive a box of up to 6 trial sized products and if you happen to really like a certain product you are able to order it from their site. This product holds many aspects of things that I love. First of all, it's like a surprise (kind of like Christmas or your birthday every month) you don't know what selection of products you're going to get. Also I love that it allows you to try things in a small size before making the decision to get a full sized product, this makes it so much more assuring when ordering products. The selection of products that are available to receive in your Bellabox are all so different and you really do not know what you're going to get which makes it interesting to open up and search through what you got because I can assure you that you won't be able to expect what it's going to be. The one down side with this is they only ship to Australia, but thankfully I have family over there who were kind enough to let me ship it to their place and pick it up when I went over in the weekend. But overall I am so happy with what I have gotten so far, and looking forward to my next box!

Helena x

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