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Feature // Molly Pavlovich

I am excited to be featuring someone who I personally feel inspired by, the one and only Molly Pavlovich. Molly runs a beautiful blog, Gypsy Ribs, and is well known on the world of instagram for her account @organichappiness. Her writing gives me goosebumps whilst her food posts are constantly making me wish that she would come live with me and be my personal chef. Molly and I met a few months back and I remember thinking, this girl has got something special. First of all, she had this glow to her which made her stand out, and secondly I was so surprised with how easily I felt comfortable talking to her. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Molly a few questions and she was kind enough to give me such amazing answers.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style… Definitely less is more. I will also juxtapose my outfits a lot. I am a girl who will wear a ladylike dress with some big boots. Or a plaid shirt with heels. There will always be some form of contradiction in my outfit, whether it is wearing high-end pants with a second-hand or vintage shirt, or wearing a fairy dress with bold black lipstick! Ha ha. 

What made you decide to start blogging?

While I was 11 I backpacked for half a year around South-East Asia and Europe with my Dad and our family. He had created a blog to keep up with our friends back home and I remember thinking, 'wow, that is a really cool idea.' So I began a Tumblr, and even though it wasn't very personal, I sourced so much fun from it, became immensely inspired and totally fueled with passion. At 12 when I arrived back home I began my first blog, although that seems like a long time ago and I can't even remember what it was called! Seeing as I was 12 - I did feel judged at school by it as I wasn't confident in myself yet, so I deleted it. At 13 I began a new one, 'mstdiary' and had that going for two years. Then some of life's challenges got in the way and I needed to take some real time for myself, so that blog sadly became dormant.  
Now back in full force, I am blogging and will never stop. I blog for myself and no one else, I love it! The decision to start blogging was simple, I loved it. I loved writing, photography and fashion. And like my other blogs, I solemnly swear I will never delete Gypsy Ribs, it is a part of me. I have Gypsy Ribs. 

You're an amazing writer, so I can imagine that you must read a fair bit. What are your favourite books?
Thank you very much that is a lovely compliment. My favourite book is Lolita. I read a lot of poetry too. A favourite poet of mine is Ted Hughes, his poem 'Lovesong' is my favourite poem ever... Beautiful. 

Now, your instagram is full of to die for photos of the meals that you have created, what is one meal that you could have everyday and not get sick of?
Thank you! I am a total foodie. Anything to do with coconut butter potatoes. Or raw Loving Earth caramel chocolate…. And yes I could eat that as a meal.

What are some tips that you could give to people who would like to start incorporating more plant based and whole foods into their diet?
Start slow and try make one small change a per day. Some great ways to start incorporating more plant-based/wholefoods into your diet would be to eat at home more often than dining out, avoid meals that come in a can or box and even adding a simple green smoothie or juice to your daily routine is great way to bump up your greens and alkalize your body! Blend up a frozen banana, a large handful of fresh kale or spinach (I actually prefer spinach, I find it to be less bitter), some spiriluna and plant-based milk. And if you need to sweeten it more, add extra fruit, coconut sugar, raw honey etc. As for a juice, I personally LOVE a juice made of grapefruit, spinach, mint, turmeric root, ginger, parsley, cucumber & lemon. My family doesn't though.. Ha ha. If you're like my family - add an apple, orange, pear, kiwifruit, pineapple etc to make it more palatable. Make a big batch, take it on the go and drink it throughout the day, you'll notice the difference. If you drink soda, switch to Kombucha, a probiotic drink made with organic tea that tastes even better. If you love fries, buy some organic potatoes and roast them with coconut oil in the oven. If you love chocolate, buy 70-80%+ dark chocolate, raw chocolate or even better - make your own! Avoid processed food and a general rule of mine is to not eat anything with ingredients I can't pronounce. I also think, did my great grandparents have this while they were growing up? Sprinkle chia seeds and hemp seeds to your morning muesli for a boost of calcium, protein & omegas, add more fermented foods to your diet for a healthy gut, liver & body (eating fermented food may be the best thing you can do for your health), snack on homemade bliss balls (dates, nuts, seeds, cacao etc blended in food processor), and try start a garden! The cheapest and best form to eat organic and fresh. 

Taken from Molly's instagram- @organichappiness

You can get more of Molly on-
Her lovely blog, Gypsy Ribs
Instagrams- @gypsyribs and @organichappiness 

Until next time,
Helena x

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