Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Developing healthier habits

For those who know me I think the main reaction to the title would be "But Helena, you're already an annoying health freak", and in some ways yes I agree with that. But I've come to the realisation that I've hit a bit of a slump in my health journey I guess. I've developed rather boring habits that are yes healthy but not all that exciting. I've decided only recently that I want to make as much of my life enjoyable as possible, and why not make nourishing my body exciting seeing as it is essential to human life and has many ways to become something fun. I remember a time when I started on the strive to be the healthiest version of my self possible that I was experimenting with a lot of foods, trying new things and coming up with my own creations and all of the memories that I have associated with that are ones of joy, happiness and excitement. I want to get back to that place, and hold that feeling again. So I've begun gathering inspiration, finding people who inspire me and acting on my conscious decisions. It's been about a week since this realisation hit, and I've already felt the best I have in a long time. It's strange how only a few changes and breaking free from a habit can exhilarate me in such ways. I'm feeling more free and happy everyday really, and I'm going to assume that this change may be from focusing on nourishing my body through food that I enjoy and that is full of nutrients along side exercise that excites me and on top of that all allowing myself adequate time to just relax. I do encourage you to try do the same, but tailor it to yourself. Maybe your healthier habits may be to allow yourself more sleep, or more time with the people you love. Or you may be like me, and you may want to experiment with your food or break free from the rigidity of your life. Whatever it may be, make your thoughts into plans and you will begin to see the positive changes in your life.

Helena x

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