Friday, 14 March 2014

Cafe Review // Foxtrot Parlour

This whole cyclone thing has well and truly scared me but thankfully I was spending the night with some friends and paranormal activity was on to take my fear away from the storm and focused on the demon-possesed children. But asides from the storm, we managed to drag ourselves out and go to breakfast in Ponsonby Central to somewhere I have been meaning to go to for a long time, Foxtrot Parlour. Now this place is known for their inject your own donuts. So basically if i've left you confused with that, let me explain. You are given a plain sugar donut, cream and a syringe filled with your choice of sauce. You then proceed to inject you syringe into the donut and fill it with your sauce, and then given the challenge to eat it is a polite-ish manner (yeah that never happens but hey it's nice so what's a bit of chocolate sauce on your face). I however didn't really feel like a donut first thing in the morning although I was kicking myself when I saw my friends one that she ordered. I had this odd craving for eggs on toast this morning so I ordered myself poached eggs on gluten free toast with a side of spinach. I'm not usually one to rave on about eggs on toast because it's usually pretty general across the board, but may I say it I think this was the most enjoyable eggs on toast I have had in a long time. The gluten free bread was extremely delicious and the eggs were poached perfectly. As for the spinach, it was done wonderfully and coming from me (aka spinach queen) that is a huge deal. The staff was lovely and so cheery even on the glum Saturday morning and I will defiantly be going back to get myself a donut.

Inject your own donut 

Poached eggs on gluten free toast w/ chutney and spinach.

Helena x

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