Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Woman crush every day of the week/month/year/life // Alexa Chung

Warning- this is pretty much a post where I will fangirl completely over Alexa Chung.
The one and only Alexa Chung is my ultimate woman crush/role model/ fashion icon/ woman who makes inspires me everyday. Model, author and presenter are just some of the titles that she holds, making her quite the busy lady. Alexa's book It was really the turning point from me knowing who she was to seeing her as a complete role model, so if you haven't yet read it I would highly suggest it. It is full of Alexa's helpful tips for fashion, beauty as well as an array of her own fashion inspirations ranging from the Spice girls to Winona Ryder. Along with her book that is on my favourites list, she's also recently collaborated with Eyeko to create a range of eye wear which I am absolutely loving. And to top that all off she has been busy attending fashion shows lately looking absolutely flawless, oh and did I mention that she's got a wicked sense of humour as well? Here I have collected a couple of my favourite recent looks of Alexa.

Helena x

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