Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day, and everyday after that.

Valentines day is probably the only holiday of the year that I actually save money. If you're like me and you prefer to spend this holiday solo- yes I actually prefer my own company- then you're going to be very fond of these 3 things that you can do to show yourself a little self love because to me what's the point in loving anyone else if you can't show yourself some love. And why just Valentines day? Love yourself regardless of what day it it because you deserve all the love in the world.

1. "If you spoke the way you spoke to your body to your friends, you wouldn't have any friends left"
I hear it all the time being a girl of my age, all of the self criticism and terrible perceptions that people have of themselves and then what I can't understand is when someone who thinks so little of themselves feels so offended when others say negative things about them. In my opinion, if you love yourself (not in an arrogant and conceded view) then what others think of you becomes something that doesn't even remotely matter. It's really something that I have struggled with accepting but I really do think that when someone is confident in themselves it really shows. Think of the last things you said about yourself. Then think if you said that to one of your friends, would they still want to stick around if that's how you treat them?

2. Do things that you enjoy doing
Be a bit selfish at times and take time out to do things that you love doing. For me thats having a bath and watching tv series and then getting out a good book or doing some writing. I like to do this a few times a week just to make myself feel a bit better when everything is hectic and crazy. If you want to do something but your friends don't want to, go by yourself. You will have a better time than staying at home and wishing you went. Treat yourself, you deserve to be living a life that you enjoy and if that means putting in a little extra effort than so be it, you will thank yourself in the long run.

3. A positive mind is a healthy mind
Positivity at times can be difficult, and when it is it seems to be yourself that gets the beating. When things are negative, take it out on something other than yourself. Go for a run, lie in the middle of your room and listen to an angst teen playlist or write all of the negative thoughts on a piece of paper and then scrunch it, burn it, flush it down the toilet but just make sure you've parted with it and I can guarantee that will help with parting with the negative thoughts. To increase positivity in my day to day life, I really find that affirmations help, just daily little reminders of the little things that we often don't think about.

Oh and remember to buy yourself chocolates and rent out a good rom-com because that will soften the blow of the never ending instagram valentines day posts.

Helena x

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