Thursday, 6 February 2014

Scoring a job

I'm about at that point where I'm torn between wanting to be independent but still depending on my parents for money. I'm about fifteen and a half now, so legally I can get a job, but what so many people my age find hard is actually scoring the job with such high competition out there. Especially being so young it can really just come down to someone being older than you and not having the responsibility of school which gives them much more flexible hours and that's just something you have to accept and move onto the next job.
I've put together my cv, and will be looking for a job probably in the next few weeks. I've put together a few helpful hints when trying to get a job which I hope will come in use if anyone reading is on the search for a (possibly first) job, enjoy.

  • Keep your CV to the point and simple- My old school principal told me that for a CV you want to keep it 1 page long, and 1 and a half pages maximum. Which is understandable because if you're in charge of reading all of the CVs from dozens of applicants you don't want to be reading a whole short novel that someone has written about themselves. Start it off with your general details, a nice photo of yourself (it's probably best to just go for your school ID photo), include your interests, hobbies, achievements, previous work, references/referees and for the icing on the cake add a covering letting telling the employer why you want to work there and why you would be the best fit.
  • Be openminded when looking for a job- For example, McDonalds. It's certainly not the most glamorous job, but I have heard that the training you receive is very appealing to future employers.
  • Try get job experience prior to trying to get a job- I volunteered at a Hospice Op-shop for about two years which gave me experience working in retail, using the till, sorting clothes, dealing with customers and cleaning the shop floor. Other than having experience working somewhere, from an employers point of view it shows a good work ethic starting at a young age and also the fact that it is voluntary.
  • Do something that interests you- If you don't like it, you're not going to want to go. Simple as that. So my advice would be to apply for jobs that interest you and that you will actually enjoy being at, because especially if you are serving people there is nothing worse than someone who is blatantly obvious that they don't want to be there.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help- Ask around if any family or friends are offering jobs. At the moment it can be tough to find a job, and being young it is that extra bit competitive. This way if you get a job from a member of family or friend it can be a point of difference to other people applying for a job if you have work experience.
  • Know the place that you want to work- What I mean by this is to put it simply if you have never been to for example, Nando's, don't apply for a job at Nando's. Apply at places where you know what they do/what they sell.
  • Look presentable- If you score an interview- great! Make sure you look presentable, keeping to your own style is also key because you don't want to try be someone who you're not from day one. But just check off the basics- clean hair, nice makeup, classy/casual clothes and most of all just try be enthusiastic and make it come across that you do actually want the job.
I hope these tips helped, and good luck to anyone going for any jobs- you will be absolutely fine!
Much love,
Helena x

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