Saturday, 22 February 2014

On Trend // Tartan

It always amuses me how fashion can take a full 360 and come right back from what seemed to be the "never ever go back there" place. When I think of tartan I think Avril Lavigne and other angst teen bands that always seemed to be on the mix tapes that family friends of ours gave us. But the one look that really sticks out to me is from Clueless, where Cher wears a yellow tartan blazer and jacket paired with knee highs. This was almost ten years ago, and now you look around and the common trend coming to most store are tartan designs. Although I don't think I can pull off the double yellow tartan look, I am however obsessing over this trend and making sure I buy myself some tartan pieces for the upcoming fall season.

Clueless (1995)

Here are my three ways to include a tartan piece into your outfit-
Tartan shirt paired with black skinny jeans, black shoes and accessories and to me this outfit wouldn't be complete without a spritz of Marc Jacobs daisy perfume.

A plain white top accented with a tartan scarf paired with boyfriend jeans and some black shades. Perfect for a fall lunch date of markets. 

And finally, the tartan skirt that goes lovely with a loose white t-shirt crop. Pair this with black boots and accessories and you have yourself a semi-formal look that can also be dressed up more by possibly wearing a black bustier top or even down by swapping heels for flats. 

Much love,
Helena x

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