Saturday, 15 February 2014

My top "skin saver" products

My skin used to be absolutely horrendous through the ages of 12-14. I would probably put it down to lack of knowledge about skin care products along side a diet consisting of pizza and milkshakes, but once I started trying out products further than the supermarket aisle I began to find a lot of products that really helped and worked for me.
I've talked previously about my skin problems and what I've done to clear it all up, but now I thought I would list a few of the products that I use that have saved me in times that my skin has turned diabolical.

First up is a good face mask. I have three, which probably isn't necessary but for some odd reason I have found myself going between these three most likely depending on my mood and how my skin is on the day. I use a mask twice a week (mid week as well as the weekend). When my skin is being quite problematic I tend to use the Lush Cupcake mask, as it removes excess oil and clears breakouts. It's full of rhassoul mud which cleans and soothes while the linseed, cocoa butter and cocoa powder softens the skin. I also use Kora Organic's Purifying mask which I find just really cleans my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. And finally the Body Shop's tea tree mask which fits in well with my cleanser and toner which are both also from the tea tree range. The tea tree mask is great because tea tree oil holds so many anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits which means that it will remove any clogging in your skin and leave it clean. 

Before applying the mask, I like to first cleanse my skin (The Body Shop tea tree foam cleanser) but more importantly exfoliate with the Bernard Cassiere exfoliated which I purchase at the same place that I get my facials done. I exfoliate well, especially around my nose and chin as I find those areas problematic and I make sure to rinse everything off well, and leave my skin slightly damp for the next step. After exfoliating I use Sothys Dequacrem forte which really cleans and removes impurities and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I also purchase this at Tonic Spa. Both of these products are slightly on the more expensive side but they have both lasted me for months. 

And finally a spot treatment. Sometimes we get those pesky spots come up while everything else had been looking so nice, and 9/10 times when we get those spots it always seems to be the times that we really wish that it didn't happen. The Clean & Clear advantage spot treatment actually works wonders, I apply it to a spot in the evening and leave it on while I sleep and in the morning I wake up to a noticeably smaller and more healed spot. I also use the Formula 10.06 rescue me acne blemish treatment which I find helps with the smaller spots I have around my chin and also congested areas.

Helena x

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