Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Favorites

I set myself the goal this year that I was going to keep up with my monthly favorites and not let myself loose track of the months and forget about it all together (which I just about did until I was scrolling through youtube and saw that people were posting their January favorites). These are the things that I've been loving through the month of January-


Alexa Chung is one of my fashion gurus and over all role models, and I came across this mascara and eyeliner because of her. In the Alexa kit that I ordered you receive a mascara, full sized liquid eyeliner and a mini liquid eyeliner. I have been using the eye do waterproof mascara that comes in this kit everyday since it came in the mail and I think I have found my staple mascara. I'm usually one to go for a dark brown mascara, as I find that black makes my eye lashes look unnatural since they are naturally long, but with the Eyeko mascara I get a natural look with no clumps and great volume.
I was a little upset when they stopped stocking the BB roll on that I used to use on a daily basis, and for a while I couldn't find anything that was anywhere near as effective in both providing coverage and preventing any breakouts. Recently though I've started using the oil free BB cream that Garnier has come out with and although it's not as amazing as the roll on I use this daily and find that it gives great coverage and paired with a translucent power it stays nicely on the skin throughout the day.

Lucas Paw Paw ointment
This is really my number 1 lip balm that I use religiously everyday. Paw Paw ointment soothes the lips and I find that it is better than any other lip balm/moisturizer that I've used.

Palmers cocoa body scrub
This is something that has become one of those "I can't live without it" products for me. I use this every time I shower mainly on my legs and I find that it leaves my skin so smooth and brings it back to life.

I ran out of my Vichy moisturizer that my Grandmother bought back for me from Croatia so I was in desperate need for a new moisturizer and what better place to go look than Lush. I went in and the staff was lovely and always and I simply explained to them my skin type and that I was looking for something gentle. They suggested that I try out the Celestial and I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm so happy with it. I find it extremely light on my skin and a perfect base for my makeup.

The strawberry range at The Body Shop has always been a favorite of mine, and I am obsessed with their body butters so the strawberry body butter was a must have. I love how moisturizing this is and the smell is divine.

I cannot even begin to explain my love for these brushes. I never used to be hugely obsessed with makeup brushes but these 100% make your makeup look better and unlike some makeup brushes they are so easy to blend with. If you are someone who uses makeup brushes I would suggest getting the Core Collection.
I got this for a Christmas present and didn't really jump into using it right away but once I started there was no stopping me. I use this below my brows, above them, on my cheek bones and a little bit down my nose just to highlight these areas which gives your face nice dimension.

You could say that I'm hopping on the band wagon quite late, and yes I will agree with you on that. I have ordered makeup from asos before but I've only started getting into the clothes side of it all recently and so far I've got quite a hefty bill in my cart...

Gossip Girl
4 seasons down already, watching Gossip Girl has actually become the highlight of my day. I would encourage everyone to start watching Gossip Girl but I would also like to say that you will need to emotionally prepare yourself before investing your emotions into the characters and this whole series because I can honestly say that I have no idea what I'm going to do when I complete all of the series.

I didn't think it was possible to fall even more in love with The 1975 until I saw their gig at the Big Day Out. And then I didn't think it was possible to love them even more than that until I set out to watch every single interview that they have done to date. Some favorite songs include- Settle Down, Heart Out, M.O.N.E.Y and Girls


I absolutely just love Ingrid, her videos put me in the best mood and I can spends so long just going through and watching every single one. I love her favorites videos and that's probably the main reason why I really wanted to get back into posting my monthly favorites. But really I just love every one of Ingrid's videos and she's just such a great and positive person who can put a smile on anyone's face.
I found this while at the French markets in Parnell a few weeks ago and thought it would be useful to have in the house for when I've got a busy morning and don't have time to make anything extravagant for breakfast. Basically these are little pre-made bircher mueslis that come in a range of different flavors (I would highly recommend the blueberry and peach) made with wholegrain oats, low fat yogurt and real fruit. This is for sure a great and nutritious breakfast option for on the go.

Another Christmas present, this is a book that has been raved about by so many people and it is honestly worth the hype. With such amazing recipes that will be sure to impress anyone that are actually doable I can defiantly say that this has become my number one cookbook.

I've already raved about this place before, but I've been there a couple more times and tried a bunch of different things and I will tell everyone with confidence that everything on their menu is to die for.
Kikki.K organizational supplies
I was just saying to my mother that I'm loving all of my Kikki. K things because it has really encouraged me to become a lot more organized this year. I think if you have stationary that is appealing, you are so much more likely to use it. I'm going to do a full blog post on my organizational supplies so stay tuned for that.

Parnell French markets
I've now been twice to these markets and being from Europe it almost feels like a little bit of home right here in Auckland. I love the whole atmosphere with the aroma of the fresh baking and the live French music playing. I would suggest going on a Saturday and also going early to avoid all of the people traffic.  

My parents actually managed to keep my Christmas present a surprise this year which was a surprise in itself and I had no clue that I would be getting a Polaroid camera from them. I've been using this throughout my summer holidays and making up a little area on my wall of all of my photos.

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Much love.
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