Wednesday, 5 February 2014


It's a pretty miserable day here in Auckland on Waitangi Day, which makes staying home from school not that great. But i'm stuck inside regardless because to honour my I guess resolution of staying on top of all my work and doing extra if needed to feel like I really know everything, I've devoted the majority of my day to study (one and a half weeks back and study days are already creeping in my god). So far I've just had a lazy morning, mainly on tumblr and I've found myself daydreaming of finding a beautiful apartment, or even loft, somewhere in an amazing city to lounge around and make coffee that will fill the air with it's aroma. Somewhere that's naturally bright and compliments my simplistic taste. To think, that in three years I will be finished with school and ultimately considered an adult. So really this daydream could become a reality in as little as 3-5 years time, which to me is both exciting and terrifying. Enjoy some of the photos that I've collected that really just make this desire to create my own space that reflects who I am.

Helena x

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