Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cafe review // Wise Cicada

Recently I visited somewhere where I had been planning to go to for quite a while now and that was a  lovely plant based cafe which also has a large organic food store attached situated in Newmarket called Wise Cicada. I went here for lunch with one of my good friends- also named Helena- and was overwhelmed with what was on offer.

I opted for the large salad, and chose to have marinated kale, quinoa and raw vegetables and a carrot and beetroot salad. First of all the portions were great for the value, and secondly the taste was impeccable. I am one who actually just prefers healthier foods rather than unhealthy options but in saying that I think that anyone could say that this food is just generally tastier than anything else. I really enjoyed the marinated kale, I didn't want it to end! I really regret not getting more to take away with me.

Other things on the menu include fresh juices, smoothies, bircher muesli, acai bowl and many other vegetarian options as well as a full buffet. And if you're stopping off for coffee there are fabulous raw treats on sale.

Oh and when you're done, if you're anything like me you can go crazy at the food store and stock up on all things organic.

Helena x

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