Sunday, 26 January 2014

What's in my school beauty bag? // Back to school

I don't think I've usually been one to carry around an actual beauty bag/makeup clutch etc in my school bag but I thought I may as well start because I've lost count of the numerous times that I've found myself thinking "oh gosh I wish I would have had ___ in my bag". Plus with the new school that I'll be attending the classes start at 8:30 right through until 4:30 so i'm in for a long day. So I have put together a few things that I'll probably end up mentally thanking myself for in the near future-

First up is the Batiste dry shampoo. These come in either big cans or the little travel ones which are perfect for taking to school. This is great because it's just so quick and easy to spray in your hair if it needs a little bit of a pick me up or if you didn't have time in the morning/evening to give it a wash, it will be your savior.

Now onto the Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes. These are just really gentle face wipes for when you've maybe been rained on and everything is smudging or maybe you've just had PE and want to get all the sweat off. Also these are good for just general all over body cleansing.

Palmers Cocoa Butter is probably one of my favorite scents, so when I saw it in a little travel size I instantly popped it into my basket to be my go to body moisturizer for at school. Especially in winter my skin gets super dry and there are often dry patches like my knees and elbows, so having a moisturizer on the go will keep reminding me to moisturize because I must say that remembering to moisturize it something I'm completely useless at.

I actually just found my Maybeline Baby Lips when I did a huge clean of my room today and popped it in here because I forgot to buy a lip balm to add to my makeup bag. I do love baby lips however, I find that it's really good to get your lips soft and smooth.

Dove deodorant is something that everyone needs to have on the go and you will thank me for reminding you to put one in your bag because either just the summer heat or PE on top of that and forgetting your deodorant is a nightmare.

Hair ties and hair clips are probably the most useful thing you can have with you at all times. In saying that be aware that people who borrow these two things are extremely likely not to give them back to you- so do sparingly give them out.

The L'Occitane Lavande hand sanitizer is probably something that I can't leave the house without, being a clean freak I'm completely obsessed with having clean hands so if they can smell like lavender rather than alcohol then I'm well and truly happy. Also this is a must have if you're like me and going to be using public transport!

Any sort of concealer will do, I just have my Garnier roll on that unfortunately they do not sell anymore here in NZ. I would also suggest Rimmels wake me up concealer.

Eyeko eyeliner is my new found obsession. I recently bought the Alexa Chung tube that comes with a full sized eyeliner, a travel eyeliner and a mascara and I love everything. Being at school for so long, I'll probably find myself in situations where I have to go from school straight to some places so having an eyeliner on the go is great to dress your makeup up a bit.

Kleenex tissues are just a general must have, especially in flu season when everyone is snotty and gross.

And finally, a mini Victoria's Secret body spray. I bought this in a set with some body moisturizers and I find that this size is really handy. I'm also not really a huge fan of the body sprays in a can, and find that I prefer the VS scents.

And all of this I have in this little blue makeup bag that I picked up from Farmers which is a great size that fits well in my school bag.

Helena x


  1. Helpful :) I love your blog by the way!