Friday, 24 January 2014

Stationary & Organization // Back to school

With the school year around the corner for us in New Zealand and Australia, probably like myself most of you find yourselves eager to turn a new leaf this year and really commit to keeping organized and on top of every aspect of your life this year. And if you're anything like myself, you'll find this commitment going out the window in a few weeks. But not this year; no, I am really determined to stick to it and make sure that I keep on top of my organization especially with my school work this year.
So this post is the first of a few Back to school posts that I'll be doing, hoping that by writing about this stuff it will motivate me to get my own life sorted out because I start school in a matter of days and I have nothing sorted out which is probably going to cause me premature aging from all of this stress building up.
Well to kick right into it here are just a few things that I think will defiantly help in terms of your stationary and organisation this year.

  • Make sure to buy yourself (or make use of a school one) a diary. I am prone to be very good at using diaries for random weeks throughout the year and then not touching it for months, but I really do find it a lot easier to keep track of what I have to do, what I've got planned etc. My suggestion is get yourself a nice diary that you'll actually want to keep neat and use- I have the Ruby diary (here) and another good one that a friend of mine just bought it from Kikki.K who have some really good diaries on offer (here)
  • You're going to want to use your stationary if you actually like it- no one hates those red books more than I do. If you're willing to splurge on your stationary needs this year I would go to Kikki.k, if you want to save a bit of money but still get some quite quirky things Typo would be my go-to. I've also noticed recently that Kmart has some pretty good stuff on offer for super cheap, so don't go ruling out those places before you have a look.
  • Planners are your bestfriend. I just bought a weekly planner from Kikki.k (kind of the stationary version of my obsession for lush) and I have found it so useful. I think just being able to have something where you can visually see what you have on during the week so so helpful. I'm also thinking of investing in a daily planner because no doubt I will need it once school starts. I've also seen quite a good homework planners around which to me is a great idea once all of the assignments start piling in, just so again you can have right in front of you what needs to get done.
  • I think the biggest key is to have a good system that works for you with filing away notes/handouts. Some people prefer to do everything on their laptop, where as I like to have everything hard copied. This year I have decided on a big folder with subdivides for each subject and to prevent the folder from getting too full just filing away all of the notes into other folders at the end of each term making it easy to find for exam time.
  • Once school starts I feel like naturally we all get back into some what of a routine, but for the first few weeks I think it's really important to plan ahead just to make sure that you make a good start and you don't feel behind right at the beginning.

Gosh writing about this is really making the thought that the holidays are nearly over sink in a whole lot more. I can honestly say that it feels like I was leaving the school gates only about a week ago, but so much has happened since then it's crazy.
I hope the remainder of your holidays are going well;
Much love,
Helena x

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