Monday, 27 January 2014

Quick and easy school breakfasts & lunches // Back to school

It's all a bit hectic on the first week back while your body is still adjusting to all of the sudden changes that come with going from being on holiday to back into a school routine. Usually during the holidays we have all the time in the world to make up our breakfasts, snacks and lunches but when you're trying to get to school at 8:30 every morning with breakfast in you, everything packed, changed and ready it's usually handy to have some quick and easy things to make.


I understand that some people aren't really big on eating breakfast, actually no, I don't understand that at all because I am such a huge breakfast fan that I can't really imagine someone who doesn't like it. Breakfast really sets you up for the whole day so even if you're quite short of time it's still important to get an adequate and nutritious breakfast in before leaving for school. I usually tend to make sure that I check off including a form of carb, fruit/veg, protein and/or healthy fats.
Some of my go to and easy breakfasts would be-

Muesli, yogurt, fruit: I think muesli is defiantly one of those foods that are defiantly healthier alternatives but it's also something to be aware of that most supermarket brands that seem to be super healthy etc aren't usually any better for you than other cereals. So I tend to go for mixing 1/4 cup plain rolled oats, 1/4 cup raw trail mix and some cinnamon and mixed spice- it's got some sweetness in there with the dried fruit, and also mixed with a vanilla yogurt and fruit you wouldn't want anything sweeter.

Grainy toast with a nut butter and banana: Nut butter and banana on toast is just the best combination ever. Period.

Grainy toast with a veg and egg scramble: this is a breakfast that is great for keeping your sustained throughout the day. With the protein from the eggs paired with carbs you'll be set and full of energy for your morning classes.

Overnight oats: I'll be making this tonight for my first day back tomorrow. It's honestly the best thing if you sleep in- which I will most likely do- because you just take it out of the fridge, grab some fruit and you're set. The quantities I use is 1/4 cup rolled oats, 100ml milk and about 1 pottle of yogurt. I use flavored ones just because I find it just easy and I can be a lot more versatile with whatever I may feel like.

Other ideas might be simple oats, vogels cereal (new found obsession) and even weetbix is great (have it with symbio vanilla yogurt or vanilla soy milk, it will blow your mind with how yum it is)

Snacks & Lunch
For lunch I follow a similar guideline as I do for breakfast- carbs, protein and a source of fibre (fruit/veg). As for snacks I like to always keep it different and usually something that I can snack on while i'm on the move just in case I don't have time to sit down and eat. 

Snack ideas: Fruit, carrots/celery/crackers with a dip such as hummus, kale chips, roasted chickpeas, dried fruit, yogurt and fruit, bars such as quest or lara bars, nut bars (I would suggest either Moon bars or Quaker nut bars), trail mix, yogurt smoothie drinks (The Collective does some great ones, I would go for the berry one)

Lunch ideas:
Sandwich made with grainy bread, a wholegrain pita pocket or a wrap. Spread some hummus or other spread on it for extra flavor and fill with some vegetables and a source of protein like chicken or turkey. 
Quiona salad with lots of mixed vegetables and a source of protein (you could also go for adding something like chick peas).
Pasta salads are great for just chucking in left overs together.
A simple salad is also good but make sure to add something to make it more substantial such as sweet potato or having a banana on the side to keep you going through the afternoon.

I hope everyone has a great first few days back,
Helena x

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