Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lush haul

Hello my name is Helena and I have a Lush addiction. So during the Lush sale I may have gone in to the store with the intention that I don't need anything but I can tell you that that mentality did not last long when I saw the words "half price". I'm not kidding when I say that I actually have to physically stop myself from going into Lush while i'm in town which usually never works because I always seem to come home with a Lush bag...Anyway, now to the haul.

Dream Steam Steam Tab & Tea Tree Toner Tab
I got these for about $1.50 each so and I absolutely love them. The Tea Tree one is great for my skin as I already use tea tree products to cleanse and tone from the Body Shop. As for the Dream Steam one, it's a great help with sleep and relaxation.

The Christmas Penguin
It's actually so cute that I don't want to use it yet. It's still sitting in my Lush bag because I don't really want to behead it quite yet. I love the Lush Christmas collection and I'm actually very upset that they're all sold out because I could just go on about how amazing all of the limited edition products are.

Snow Fairy shower gel
This is another limited edition product that's scent is so sweet and delicious that I am very tempted to taste it but the rational side of me knows that I would regret that decision. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
Vanilla scented this is probably one of my favorite smells and plus this bubble bar is packed with heaps of goodness for your skin. With almond oil and cocoa butter this will soften your skin and leave you smelling super sweet.

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon Bubble Bar
I smelt this in the store and I actually had to restrain myself from putting another ten or so into my basket. I had a bath with this the other night and my skin was so soft and my bath smelt divine.

So it looks like playdough. Smells like vanilla. Is called Fun. So naturally I had to buy it. Fun is actually probably one of the strangest but most interesting products I've ever come across. Fun is a 4 in 1 multipurpose product- you can make shapes out of it, use it as a body wash, as a shampoo or even a bubble bath. If you don't yet own yourself some Fun- go and get your hands on some.

Golden Wonder 
Another Christmas product- this one is full of orange and lime oils and leaves your skin feeling great and rejuvenated.

Another product that I have recently bought is the Celestial facial moisturizer which I have decided to use instead of my normal moisturizer for the main reason of this one being so gentle on my skin and having natural ingredients. 

As for what I'm probably going to buy next, the Valentines day products are coming out so what better way to spend Valentines day than in your bath with a good book or tv show rather than having someone love you. Ha ha.

Much love,
Helena x 

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