Monday, 13 January 2014

Inspiration scrapbook & something I found behind my desk

Totally weird and out of the blue post, I kind of haven't been doing much lately because I've just really been enjoying being lazy before the school year starts and I have to get back into some sort of routine. However I decided that today I would try get some order in my study room because at the moment there are things sprawled everywhere and it's all getting a bit claustrophobic for me. But for the last few days I have been immersed in a project. I had purchased a plain black notebook (typo) and had given myself the task to go through every single magazine that I had from 2013 and to cut out the articles, pictures and just anything that I gained some relevance or inspiration from. These magazines included Vogue, Elle, Yen, Frankie, Russh etc and I can assure you that it was a very long task. My goals for the future involve writing, possibly a journalist or a writer for a magazine, or as blogging is I guess 'the way of the future' as my mother puts it possibly I could pursue it further. The ultimate goal though, would be to attend New York fashion week and write a piece on it for a fashion magazine. So this scrapbook holds a lot of value to me as it has already helped me just flicking through when I'm stuck with things to write and ideas.

I have divided it up into two parts; the first part consists of fashion- articles, shoots, features. And the other part consists of mainly articles, interviews and anything else that I had come across in magazines that interests me.


As for what I had found behind my desk- something that I had bought last summer for a mere $5, but it holds a lot of wisdom that money can't buy.
I bought this little book and a second hand vintage store in St Kevins Arcade on K-Road, mainly for the fact that it was over 100 years old and I thought it would be pretty cool to have something that old.
After having read it though I was really glad to have bought it as it has given me a lot of perspective and taught me some good lessons.

This is probably one of my favorite extracts-
Your character is like the Brooklyn bridge. It is made of the tiniest strands twisted together. What are the strands? Thoughts, feelings, choices. These bring forth actions. Actions repeated, form habits. Habits makes the cables of character, and on these hang the issues of life. In infancy you have no character. Character is a product. Each soul builds its own conduct. You are now building a superstructure more lasting than the Brooklyn Bridge. 

It got me thinking though, as teenagers we focus so much on the exterior rather than the interior. A lot of us think that the worst thing we can be called is ugly, too fat, too thin, flat chested, big nose, four eyes etc. But is that really worse than being told that you're a bad person? Or that you are inconsiderate, unkind, insincere? To me I know that being called fat isn't the nicest thing, but it has taken me years to realize that it's not the worst thing either. I struggled a lot with people's thoughts of me during year eight and nine, but finally this year I realized that I was basing my self worth on what I thought other people perceived of me, rather than my character and other attributes. That's something that I'm working on this year, is to recognize the good things about myself that don't necessarily involve my exterior and to focus on bettering myself.
Something that I really hope people get from this is that yeah when people say things to you about how you look it sucks- i'm not going to say it's not a big deal, because it is and those people deserve some serious bad karma- but I think the key is to realize that their thoughts on you should never define your character.

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