Saturday, 11 January 2014

Gossip Girl fashion

There's something about the Gossip Girl series that drew me in straight away. I don't actually know what it is though; the fashion? The lifestyle that they live? I think there's apart of me that is envious of these characters who are living in New York with lavish lives wearing the most amazing clothes. Oh and of course being paired with some handsome men, yeah I think that might be why I love it so much actually. 
Back to the fashion though, I am obsessed with both Blair and Serena's style, as they are so different but still work perfectly. I find that Blair's choices of outfits are more tailored and 'proper', where as Serena can venture to a rather boho look, or a very sophisticated/chic look. I've gathered a few of my favorite looks from bother Blair and Serena, enjoy.

Helena x

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