Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blogidays // things to do

Strangely enough, I haven't actually found myself having those days where I am bored at home and wanting to do something. Mainly because I've been out of the house almost everyday from the morning to around dinner time but when I am home I'm always occupied by something. In saying that I do have a few ideas for those of you who are finding yourselves full of energy but no where to exert it- which was basically me during last years long holidays, I would drive my mum nuts because I would just complain about being bored and end up lying in the middle of the hallway singing (terribly may I add) songs from the top 40. So to save you-and your mother- from this boredom, here are a few ideas of things to do.

Start a garden
I'm not going to give you any gardening advice, because I pretty much kill anything that comes into my possession (I'm going to be a fabulous mother one day, ha) if you are like me though, I would suggest investing in some succulents, as they don't need constant attention and it's no biggy if you forget to water them.
But if you're going to start a garden, do something that fits your personality so that you find yourself excited by it rather than it being a chore to maintain. For the foodie- start a vege patch. If you're indoorsy- grab plants like African violets that thrive in indoor climates. Feeling artsy? Grab yourself a cactus or ten. And of course if you just want to add some color and life into your home, take a trip to your local farmers market and pick up a bunch of flowers, they're much cheaper than a florist (or if it's mid week, have a look in the supermarket because often they have good prices)

Succulent plant

Learn something new
Simple things like learning a new word everyday can become very useful in the long run. Just open up a dictionary to a random page and whatever word you see first, bam. Read it, take it in and use it where you can during the day. If you're looking for something different, learn how to make a new dish in the kitchen. Learn how to rosette ice a cake. Or even learn how to make jam seeing as it is berry season.

I wish everyone had my passion for reading, I could just go on all day about the books that I have read and have loved. I think the thing holding so many people back is that they are reading the wrong books. There was a time where I was just bored with the books that I was reading, and I was then encouraged to start reading the classics and to challenge myself with the topics addressed in these books. This was the best thing for me because I found my love of reading again. I think that as a teenager, the 'teen' books that are on offer for us don't give us enough credit. So I really do recommenced reading classics. My tip if you're not really into reading is to try find a classic book that has had a movie made, I find that this way it's a lot easier to visualize the story.

Exploring doesn't necessarily mean going far, you could walk down your road and still be exploring. Except this time when you walk down your road take in your senses. What can you hear, small, feel. Try notice things that you wouldn't usually and you would be surprised at how much you missed before.
A book that I would really recommend is Keri Smith's "How to be an explorer of the world" it's a great read and defiantly gives you some motivation to go out and explore.

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Until next time,
Helena x

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