Sunday, 19 January 2014

Big Day Out 2014

For years now my cousin and I have had the plan for when I turn 15 to attend the Big Day Out together. Last year with it being cancelled I was pretty disappointed and convinced that my chance of going was over. But with the return of the festival this year, and a line up that made me literally cry with happiness it was a no brainier that I had to go.
The acts that stood out for me were The 1975 (Lead singer Matty Healy aka the man who's looks and talent make me weak at the knees), Mac Miller, Arcade Fire, The Naked and Famous, Toro y Moi and of course Snoop Dogg (Lion).

First up was The 1975, who were the act that I was most excited to see. After coming across their cover of "What makes you beautiful" that they performed in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge I was instantly captivated and made it my mission to listen to every single one of their songs despite the piles of homework that I had to complete that weekend. Funnily enough their music always reminds me of Romeo and Juliet as it was their album that I had on repeat while writing my essay on the play for English. But back to their performance, being the overly phobic person that I am and completely uncomfortable in situations where I am surrounded by large groups of people and them being in my 'personal bubble' as I like to call it, part of me was freaking out. But the majority of me was absolutely in awe of the amazing performance going on in front of me. I couldn't have been more impressed. With more popular songs like Chocolate and Girls being a big hit with the crowd it was impossible not to have a good time. I would defiantly recommend the album to anyone who hasn't listened to it yet- you will too fall in love with The 1975.

After that I drifted around a bit, the heat really starting to creep up on me. I'm actually really thankful for my outfit choice that day considering that I was contemplating jeans that morning (photo of my ootd below). The Naked and Famous were great live, they are possibly my favorite New Zealand artists. I also discovered a new found love for Toro y Moi who has a very chill sound and who I thought was perfect for this festival. I will defiantly be buying his music.

Mac Miller was someone who before I said to my brother "there is no way in hell that I am going to be anywhere the mosh pit for this one" and somehow I found myself right in the middle of it having a great time. I must admit, I used to be quite a fan of Mac Miller but found myself refusing to listen to his music mainly because of a boy who I quite disliked absolutely idolized him and every time I would listen to his music I would just think of this boy and I would rather not spend any of my time thinking of this person. But I actually really enjoyed the show, Mac's new music is actually really good (I'm saying this in my head in an extremely surprised tone because I'm still actually shocked at how much of a good time I had). The crowd was great as well- bar the one guy who tapped into my fear of blood and made me feel near throwing up because he was moshing with a huge gash on his face and blood all over him, oh festivals.

Arcade Fire put on a great show and it was a nice way to end the day. Something that really stood out for me was their range of instruments, I can honestly say that I have never seen a vast array of instruments than I did during the Arcade Fire performance.

And finally, Snoop Dogg. Ah where do I begin? When my cousin and I arrived to the stage at about 7:45 (15 minutes before Snoop was due to arrive) it was packed already. Pearl Jam was performing at the same time so I would say it was about 50/50 with the people attending each show. Our spots were actually quite good we discovered when we were leaving looking at the amount of people who we had to get passed to make out way out of the mosh. Snoop put on a great show, despite the completely stoned mid 30's man in front of me who kept dancing and backing into me I really enjoyed it. I came home in a great mood from the whole day, my mother pinning my good mood on the weed going around during Snoop's performance but I generally really enjoyed the whole day. Hopefully next years line up will be a good one, oh and hopefully the guy with the gash on his face got it stitched up and didn't walk around with blood all over him for the remainder of the day.

Oh and how could I not comment on the food! I would give the big day out a giant gold star for their food selection with selections ranging from Bird on a Wire, to Mexico to Federal Deli. Defiantly a highlight of the day.

Polaroids from the day- Toro y Moi, and Reuben and I.

OOTD- Tigerlilly shirt, Vintage high waisted shorts (my mothers, made by my grandma). Paired with white converse and gold jewelry.

Helena x

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