Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some things I've learnt this year

I'm just going to jump straight into it.

Always have a good book by your bed
I don't think I have actually not had at least a selection of maybe 3 books by my bed at all times. I can't express enough how important reading is for everyone. It actually brings this strange sadness when someone tells me that they don't read, I guess I just feel sorry for them because of all that they are missing out on. If you are one of those people that just doesn't read books, I don't think I will ever fully understand you and you're ability to not escape from the world and enter a new one whilst reading, but hey whatever tickles your fancy.

Don't get stuck doing something that you don't enjoy
If you don't like doing it. Don't do it- simple. If you're constantly doing things that you don't enjoy soon enough you'll be working in a bank or something, living alone and crying into your granola every morning.

Get into the classics
Books or movies, just immerse your self into classics. When you start in particular reading classics, I don't think you can ever just go back to reading the average modern 'teen fiction' without a sense of "ugh" whilst reading it. And plus if you start reading/watching classics, you will undoubtedly thank me when you pass English with flying colors.

If your friends don't even text you when you're sick, that should tell you something
The fact that in today's era, we can send someone a message as easily as sending a text or a Facebook message, you would assume that when I was off of school for a whole term that I would have messages flooding in from the people who I considered friends at school. I can tell you, that only three people at school actually noticed my long absence and showed general concern. It was a hard message to take at first, but a very useful one. I now know that it's not always good to use the term 'friend' so loosely, and to only reserve it for those who actually play the role. Also from this experience I have learnt not to be so hurt by things like this, we're at the age that people often can't see anything past themselves.

Make sure to carry around the essentials everywhere you go
These essentials include
-A book : for long rides on public transport or waiting for friends who are anything but punctual.
-A notebook and two pens: inspiration may strike at any time, so be prepared to capture it and also be prepared for one of your pens to die on you mid sentence.
-Lip balm: it's just a necessity at all times, everywhere
-A camera: you never know whats going to happen, who knows maybe that celebrity who's in town will decide to come to the shady part of town to that run down dairy that you happen to be in.
-Hand sanitizer: this is just me and my phobia of my hands feeling dirty, but in the cases of having to stand up in a bus and hold onto the poles you will be mentally thanking yourself for packing some in your bag.

Get invested into a television series
This might not actually be the best advice that I could give, due to the feeling of emptiness you get during the mid season breaks, but I do think that finding a series that generally excites you is something great.

Do things by yourself
So many opportunities I have let slide because there wasn't someone for me to go with/do it with. The idea of actually doing it or going somewhere by myself seemed crazy to me, but now I must admit more often I would rather do some things alone. Sometimes you just have to put your big girl shoes on and take on the world by yourself.

Do things that are out of your regular routine
Climb a mountain, buy a pet goat, wear a big fur coat, just do something that doesn't scream same old boring routine. Mix it up a bit. Life's supposed to be fun and enjoyable and to make it just that you have to do the unexpected that even you will need to take a step back and think "damn did I just do that?"

Well that's enough wisdom from me for today, the fact that tomorrow is Christmas Eve actually gob smacks me. Where on earth has this year gone.

Helena x

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