Sunday, 15 December 2013

Little Bird Unbakery

I had always wanted to go here ever since I saw the endless instagram photos of their raw cheesecakes which looked totally unhealthy and full of guilt. But I was soon to learn that I was wrong and that these cheesecakes were beyond healthy and so was everything else on their menu. Being the health food freak that I am, I was instantly allured into this concept of raw food. Although I won't be turning raw vegan any time soon, I still find raw food interesting and very tasty. To someone like my father, I don't think I would ever convince him out of his ways to even try this (well I could probably put a raw cheesecake in front of him and tell him that it is the real thing) but if you are willing to be a bit open minded and try new things I would highly suggest giving Little Bird a visit (your body will only thank you for filling it with the goodness from here!)

I went with a group of girls, all bar one who have been there before. Apparently it was not as busy as it usually is but there was never a time that the cafes seats were not full. It was a sweltering day in Auckland, so I was craving something to cool me down. The acai bowl seemed like a logical choice, and when it arrived I was more than glad that I had ordered it. Served with banana and Little Bird's 'grawnola' this antioxidant filled bowl was instantly satisfying as it was thick and cold and full of flavor. The grawnola gave it a bit of extra flavor and some crunch and once I finished the bowl I found that I was full for a good couple of hours after. I know that I will be making my way back to Little Bird very soon, and I want to try so many things on their menu. I am now very interested in possibly adding more raw foods into my diet now that I have more time during the holidays to prepare them, so look forward to countless food posts to come.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Decembers (Christmas is coming quick this year!)
Helena x

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