Saturday, 7 December 2013

Festivities begin // Blogmas

Ah December, everywhere I go the Christmas spirit is contagious. Whether it be the Christmas music playing or the decorations you can't escape it. 
This weekend I've really begun to start December's festivities. I've put up the tree (note to self for when I have my own home: get a real tree that you don't have to put together) and decorated it. This year rather than letting the decorations be quite random I've kept to a red and gold theme with some fairy lights. I spent all Saturday morning blasting the Christmas music and dancing around my lounge decorating it to bring the Christmas spirit alive. 

I also spent some time sorting out the presents that I already have/need to get for people when I had the idea of doing some Christmas baking as part of my gifts. I bought these cookie cutters from Stevens for half price ($10) and I'm planning to make a mixture of biscuits, one being a classic- gingerbread. (Recipe taken from Taste magazine)

Throughout the month I'm planning to do as many festive things as possible and really get myself into the Christmas spirit this year, so expect a lot of 'blogmas' posts.

I hope you are all enjoying this December!
Much love,
Helena x

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