Sunday, 1 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas | Getting into the Christmas spirit

December, my oh my have you come around fast this year. Like I previously mentioned I am that person who gets way too excited for Christmas. I just love anything Christmas-y and i'm excited that for the next 24 days I can do all sorts of festive things and generally have a great time. I often wish that I could be somewhere like England for Christmas because I have never actually had a winter Christmas living in New Zealand for all of my life (and plus I think buying a Christmas sweater for a New Zealand Christmas is pretty pointless). So since it is December 1st I have decided to write a post about a few things that really get me in the Christmas spirit, which I hope will get you too as excited for Christmas as I am!

Putting up the Christmas tree- Honestly our tree is the most time consuming annoying tree to get up but once you get the actual tree set up the decorating part is the fun part. I love getting out all of our decorations and transforming our living room. I think that putting up the tree really kicks off the festive time and no matter how big or small your tree is, it's still good fun getting it set up.

Pull out the Chrismas albums- I know you have them, if not go out and buy the Michael Buble Chritmas album right now. I'm listening to it right now with a huge grin on my face singing along. Christmas music does something to me, it brings me this joy that I can't even describe. Maybe it's because I'm just really into Christmas, I don't really know.

Starbucks Christmas cups/menu- I'm a cafe hopper who loves festivities of course I was going to bring Starbucks up. I don't actually go to Starbucks that often throughout the year due to the fact that there's not one that's in a convenient place for me to go to, but during November/December oh golly you can't keep me away from the place! The Christmas menu holds my beloved Toffee Nut Latte and of course the much loved Christmas cups.

Christmas shopping- I love getting gifts for people, and with Christmas sales I end up buying a couple of gifts for myself while i'm at it. Shopping centers seem to be getting more hectic every week as Christmas is nearing so I suggest making a plan of attack before hitting the shops, this will save you time and sanity as you know what you need, where to get it and who you can tick of the gift list.

Visiting family- For me, yes I love the Christmas festivity, but most of all Christmas to me is about coming together with my family. It's a time for us to be grateful for everyone and everything that we have in our lives and to enjoy a special day surrounded by your loved ones.

Until next time,
Helena x

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