Monday, 11 November 2013

Wish list + gift ideas

With Christmas coming and also the many questions of what I would like for presents that come along with it, I have decided to make up a wish list this year. In my family since my brother and myself have gotten older we have always just received money, which to me is great because it gives me the freedom to buy what I please. But in saying that there's always the that bit more excitement of getting an actual present that you truly do like because it shows that the person giving the gift has actually thought about it.
So here is my wishlist at the moment (no doubt as soon as I post this I will think of dozens more)
-Mac makeup
 -Deep red lipstick
Flowery dresses (both short and long)
-Flowy white dress
Alexa Chung book
 -Ruby 2014 diary
-  Lush bath stuff (Christmas ones)
-  Rimmel stay matte powder
-  Clear mascara
New glasshouse candle
-   A big floppy hat
 -  New pastels
  -  Polaroid camera
-A leather journal
-Grace- a memoir 
 As for gift ideas, I always tend to try do something thoughtful and really base the gift around the person receiving it. Most of the time I will start with a basket and just proceed to fill it with a bunch of little things that I know that the person likes- for one of my friends, I knew that she had a lot going on with school and just everything so I made her a little pamper pack with heaps of bath stuff, face masks, candles, chocolate. Another thing I love making for friends is collage boards. You can include your own photos with them, or maybe get some photos of bands/people/things they like. All you need to buy is a frame, take out the board in the frame and glue a sheet of colored (or plain) paper to it and proceed to make a collage of whatever photos you like. I think that the best gifts are those that you actually put thought into, and I know myself that that whenever I am given gifts I feel so nice knowing that someone has really put effort into it. And of course if all else fails and you can't think of anything- get your mixer out. Cookies, cupcakes, a cake, they're all super easy (if you want even easier betty crocker mixes are always there to help) and if you turn up with baking to school everyone will love you.
Helena x

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