Saturday, 9 November 2013

Take Me Home tour 2013 | Auckland New Zealand

Now, before you sigh and instantly think of me as a crazy teen fan girl- hear me out.
One Direction have been my, well...obsession, for about 3 years now. Actually yes I think it is fair to think of me as a crazy teen fan girl but hey have you seen them? It's pretty hard not to fan girl over 5 gifts from God to the world with 'makes ya want to drop ya panties' (as some Australian dad said) voices. 
Recently they have completed their 134 show tour and on October 12th I was lucky enough to attended one of the two shows they were playing in Auckland.
But other than the concert what's being a dedicated fan girl without some stalking? A couple of friends and I went to their hotel on the Friday night before the concert and were lucky enough to get close to Liam, Niall and Harry. Actually almost as soon as we arrived at the hotel I turn around to see Liam walking right past me probably not even half a metre from me, shocked as I was once Niall followed him I forced a very nervous "Hi Niall" out and got a "Hello" back- two years in a row, it's safe to say Niall and I have not escalated from the hi/hello stage. Harry also came out, but went a different route so I wasn't able to get close to him before the (literally) heard of girls got to him. But once it was time from Harry to come back to his room I was able to get much close and snapped this terrible selfie of him not actually with me but hey I will settle with it considering seconds later I was being pushed by a mob of girls.

Now to the concert- last year I went to their Up All Night concert and I can honestly say they have grown so much as artists. They were full of energy on stage and their connection with the crowd was amazing. Not often do you go to a concert where at every point of it the act has their audience 100% engaged. 
I managed to get myself to the 8th row (a bit of good luck I would say), got a few cheeky moments with Harry (maybe he recognized me from the hotel as the girl who looked more scared of all of the people than him, the person being mobbed by all of the people) and over all I am honestly able to say that it was one of the best weekends of my life. Here are a few of my favorite snaps from the show-

This one is my favorite- he's totally looking straight into my soul

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Hope you enjoyed this craic,
Helena x

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