Thursday, 28 November 2013

November favorites

November feels like it has come and gone, I have finished my exams a few weeks ago and it feels like they have just been. I'm not complaining though, the sooner this month is over the sooner it will be December which is my favorite month because if you didn't know already, I have a slight obsession with everything Christmas. I will literally buy anything Christmas themed, just now I bought a Christmas themed yogurt just for the fact that the label was Christmas-y. But November has been full of events and favorite things, so without further adieu, my November favorites-

Now this I bought a couple of months ago but I really started using it heaps this month. I carry it around in my school bag and just pop it on whenever I feel like my lips are getting dry and it brings a lovely taste and instant smoothness to my lips. It is a for sure bag necessity wherever I go. 

Aveno Daily Moisturizer
I don't think a day has gone by this month where I haven't used this. I never used to be a religious moisturizer due to the fact that I would hate the feeling that was left on my legs from most moisturizers as I found them either really heavy or slimy. But this one I started using by accident really, I found it in my mum's bathroom after having a shower and decided to use it (safe to say I haven't returned it to my mum's bathroom, sorry mum) I like this moisturizer because it doesn't have a smell, so unlike most products the smell doesn't start off smelling really nice then by the end of the day you start to get paranoid because you think it smells weird (or is that just me?) 

Midnight Memories- One Direction
So this album came out a few days ago and i'll be honest, I haven't listened to anything else since I got it. Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a fan of the boys and their previous music, I would recommend listing to this album because the whole sound is so different to their previous work. The album includes a lot of heavy guitar tracks giving it a rock vibe, but there are also slower songs and some folky/indie rock band songs squished in there too. As a big fan the album makes my insides tingle and gives me a smile from ear to ear;I do understand that others may not be as "dedicated" as myself, but even in saying that I really do recommend giving it a listen, I can assure you that you will be surprised. 

Overnight Oats
As an avid instagram user I am very familiar with the obsession with overnight oats. I hadn't actually tried overnight oats though until this month and boy I have really been missing out. Compared to some of the extravagant instagram overnight oats mine are pretty plain and boring but oh man I just love them. Really you can be as experimental with overnight oats as you want, I think the last recipe I came across was a chunky monkey recipe which included dark chocolate, banana and peanut butter- a.k.a the next overnight oat recipe that I will try because that combination sounds like heaven. 

This app is probably one of my new favorites. I use it solely to read fan fictions, but I find it so useful for the fact that my family and friends always seem to be late so I am always left somewhere waiting and now I have something to read on my phone to keep me entertained. 

14,000 to be happy about
This book turns a mediocre day into a good one. Most nights I tend to read a couple of pages and go through and highlight the things that apply to me as I'm from New Zealand and some of the things listed in this book are very American and I have no idea what half of them even are. At the end of most weeks I go back and read all the things that  I have highlighted and it gives me a reminder that I have so much to be happy about, even if these things aren't big they are everyday things that would usually go unnoticed but when you give it a bit of thought you realize that these little things can bring a lot of happiness. 

My blogging inspiration; I am totally in love with her blog and youtube. I have really started to get into all of the youtubers lately but Zoe is for sure my #1. If you haven't seen her videos then oh boy you're going to have fun sitting there for hours watching them all like I did! 

Well those are my November favorites, I hope all of you Novembers held happiness and joy and also good luck to all of you as December is nearing and you will have to deal with me bringing up Christmas as much as possible.

Helena x

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