Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New makeup

So I was able to control myself and only order 4 products on asos the other week. May I tell you that it was hard, I started off with about 10 products in my cart and a hefty total price at the end but I managed to cut it down to the "necessities". I've been able to use all of the products that I bought for about a week and I am really pleased with all of them. Since the sun has come round more often now, I've been able to gain a bit of color so I needed to slightly alter my makeup routine to match my now less pale complexion.

First up is the Bourjois Bronzing Powder. I have heard so many good things about this bronzer so I had to try it for myself. Honestly, if you don't own this I suggest you order it right now. Not only does it look and smell like chocolate but it is probably the best bronzer that I have ever used. It goes on really nicely and the color is suitable for everyone.

The Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation is also something that I had come across a lot online from other bloggers and youtubers; I'm not someone who wears foundation as I find that it clogs up my skin and causes me to get acne, but I did need something to blend the active cover up that I use on my face to my neck. Usually the foundations that I would use would feel very heavy on my skin but this one really doesn't. It leaves my skin soft and it is extremely light. Oh and it actually smells really nice, kind of cinnamon-y? But hey a foundation that smells nice is for sure a bonus! I also purchased the Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer and am also very pleased with it, the coverage is great- it is the first thing I apply and I could probably get away with just using that with the amazing coverage that it gives.

Oh and another Rimmel product- the Rimmel Stay Matte Power in translucent is my savoir. As a teenager I am prone to oily skin, so this is actually perfect for that. I usually just swipe some over my nose mainly and a bit on my forehead and it keeps the oil at bay for the day.

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