Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mini Lush haul

Today Livy and I managed to fangirl over bath products, yes, we are those girls who get giddy at the thought of how amazing our baths are going to be. I managed to narrow down my choices to 4 things which is great because I would have happily bought everything I picked up. As it is the Christmas season their new products were on display and I felt like a little kid in a candy shop; not only were they all amazing, but it got me so excited for Christmas which is really coming our way so quickly.
So to the haul...

So White Bath Ballistic: First up is a very plain looking bath bomb, but oh man, if you could smell this you would understand my obsession with it. This is from their fairy tale Christmas collection (this one is the snow white one) and it has the most amazing apple scent. The smell is actually not too strong which is great, and its got a crispy freshness to it.

Twilight Bath Ballistic: This one I'm saving for a stressful night. It's got this amazing scent which is so relaxing and again, not too strong. It smells like something sweet mixed with lavender so it's perfect for sending you off to sleep. \

Candy Mountain: Oh gosh, this one makes me feel like I'm in a lolly factory. So I was tossing up getting this one or not- I loved the smell yes, it's sweet like lollies and it's great because I can get more than one use out of it- but my decision was made when the lady working told me that it makes not only the water pink, but also the bubbles- come on, how could I say no to pink bubbles?

Magic Wand: It is cute pink star wand, that you swirl around in your bath to make bubbles. Need I say more?

If you haven't been to Lush, I really advise that you do. Your baths are probably boring right now, and you shouldn't deprive yourself of fun baths. If you are a customer of Lush- seriously get in there and get your hands on the Christmas products there is so much to choose from (look at it as a cheeky Christmas present for yourself).

Helena x

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