Monday, 25 November 2013

Meiskin product review

I came across the Meiskin products through someone who I was following on instagram and was instantly impressed when I visited their website and read what they were all about. Meiskin products are natural, but unlike other brands the products that they have on sale are not the usual boring products that you would usually find when searching for natural skin products.
I purchased both the Kandee's Kreme (body lotion) and the Karamel Kreme (self-tanner) and so far I am absolutely in love with both.

Kandee's Kreme: Gosh I wish I bought the bigger size now! This lotion comes in a really nice pink color with a delightful smell. After applying to my legs they were instantly soft and the sweet aroma spread through my room.

Karamel Kreme: As I said in my Bondi Sands review, I am naturally quite fair skinned, so I am always on the look out for something that can give me a bit of color. Unlike most self tanners that leave you looking carroty and making your attempts of self tanning quite obvious, the Karamel Kreme self tanner gives a very natural and flawless tan.

Over all, like I said just before, I am in love with Meiskin and the products that I have tried- I do try my best to use natural products as much as I can and it is so lovely to have a product that is not only natural but also works wonders for my skin. I will for sure be putting the Mandarin face scrub and the After Physique on my Christmas wishlist this year!

To order Meiskin products, visit their website-

Much love,
Helena x

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