Sunday, 24 November 2013

Listening to you body | Knowing when to slow down

I didn't actually have any idea what on earth I would post about today to be quite honest. I would usually spend the weekend writing up posts for the week but this weekend has been beyond hectic and I've been out doing things more than I've been at home for a change. So I thought, well what is going on for me right at this very moment.. And all that I could think of is "I am so exhausted I cant even function properly" Which actually got me thinking that something that I really need to learn to do is recognize that my body has had an extremely busy weekend and needs a proper rest, and I think most people struggle with this- we work so hard and are constantly on the move that we run ourselves to complete exhaustion before we realize that maybe were taking on a little too much than our bodies can handle. So my challenge to myself, and anyone reading this is to take a step back and look at our everyday lives; do you allow yourself to just have a break, are you one who tends to run themselves to a point where you physically don't think you can keep your eyes open? Maybe think of a time you can make for yourself that you can just do something relaxing and take all focus away from what may be a hectic everyday life.
Right now I think I might go have a bath and watch the new episode of The Carrie Diaries to have a break, I hope you all enjoy slowing down and having a breather.
Helena x

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