Wednesday, 20 November 2013

About me | 10 facts

Well what I've realized is no one actually knows anything about me (unless you actually know me in real life, in that case, hello). But I thought I would dedicate a post to an about me/10 facts. So now you will be able to put a face to the blog and also get to know me a bit! Here goes.. (big good luck to me to try find 10 facts about myself)

  1. My name is Helena, I am 15 and from New Zealand
  2. I am currently in year 10
  3. I am Croatian and Croatian was my very first language
  4. I am known to be very confident but when meeting new people or when i'm with people I don't know I appear very shy
  5. I used to do gymnastics for about 8 years on and off, swimming all through primary school, netball from ages 7-14, played softball in years 5&6 and soccer socially for a little while. You could say that I was an active child.
  6. In my free time I tend to either paint, read, write or spend my time aimlessly on the internet.
  7. I am moving to a new school next year
  8. I would say that I have a small group of very close friends but have quite a few I guess "acquaintances that I could call friends but wouldn't jump to tell them my secrets" 
  9. I spent the majority of this year home sick- which actually lead me to finally start a blog 
  10. I want to do something to do with journalism once I finish school. The dream would be to somehow incorporate both nutrition/exercise with journalism.
I hope this post has helped for you all to get to know me, so to finish off here is a picture of myself for you so you are able to finally put a face to the blog and the girl who is bantering on everyday.

Helena x

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