Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cafe review- Alleluya cafe (St Kevins Arcade)

Early in the morning is the best place to come here, as in the crisp and clear mornings the light hits this place amazingly. This cafe is surrounded by op shops and plants and if you're lucky enough to get the seat by the window it is a very peaceful, quaint coffee stop.
The food and drinks here are great, I recommend the muesli (pictured below) and also the Spanish omelette. Although I have read, and agree, with some of the comments about the staff looking a bit like they don't want to be there, to me the atmosphere and food make up for it This is defiantly one of my favorite spots and I often will come here if I am in the city.

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, as the end of term is approaching all of my assignments seem to be pilling up, and on top of that my personal project due date is about a month away and on top of all that for the first time in months my social life seems to be kicking off.
Until next time,
Helena x

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