Saturday, 31 August 2013


This morning was probably the first morning in months that I didn't wake up before the sun.
Spring is my favorite season, the weather clears up but it still has that crispness to the air. Spring, to me, is a time of new beginnings. As September begins I plan to get back in tune with the things I lost touch with over these last few months. I plan to dust the cobwebs from my art shed and get my stained painting clothes back on. I plan to take my writing book around my neighborhood and explore and write down the thoughts that are constantly waiting to come out. I plan to start reading more again and start forming a new book mountain of all the books that I complete. But most of all I plan to do things that are unplanned. I want to be spontaneous. Do things that I wouldn't normally do. I want to explore, see the country that I have lived in for all my life but yet hardly seen any of it. I want to have fun and have memorable moments.

Helena x

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