Friday, 5 July 2013


For 3 straight years I battled with terrible acne, redness and irritation on my face. I would try every single product that promised results, but nothing seemed to work. I would say that only a couple of months ago I was able to clear my skin (with the odd pimple here and there) so I would like to share with you some tips that helped me-

  • See a specialist- I started going to see Kim, a nurse that works at a local spa to talk about my skin and see what could be the problem and what we could do to help it. I think that was the most useful because we were able to figure out that most of it was hormonal, and that after my teenage years it would most likely stop (thank the Lord). Through seeing her I now go back every 6-8 weeks for an extraction facial. Yes the extraction is painful, but I come out of there feeling refreshed and knowing that my skin is free from any blockage. So my advice would be to seek some professional advice, so you are able to see what works for you.
  • Supplements- I take two different supplements, a teenage multi vitamin and a skin support. For me, I find that the help, but I don't think my skin was super bad to start with.
  • Choose a good facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer to use in the morning and evening- I use body shop cleanser and toner, and a moisturizer from the place I go to to get my facials. For years I would use supermarket cleansers that were packed with chemicals and I would feel as if my face is burning. So by switching to more natural and gentler products it's been a huge relief to my skin.
  • Drink water- I find that my skin tends to break out if I haven't been drinking much water. Aim to drink about 2L a day, but keep in mind not to just be so focused on drinking a heap of water and feeling to full to eat proper food.
  • Eating well- I think the best thing I did for my skin was beginning to eat well. I used to eat junk food for every single meal of the day when it wasn't a meal that my mother was preparing. But towards September 2012, I changed my lifestyle and now I am still enjoying my favorite things but still eating well most of the time. 
  • Certain foods may trigger a break out- For me it's coffee and chocolate, ugh.
  • De-stress yourself- Right now, my face looks like a mess and I can honestly say it's from stress. I have been frustrated and stressed these last few weeks and it's really taken it's toll on my body and skin. Tonight, I'm going to have a nice bath and wind down with some yoga and meditation to begin the process of de-stressing myself.
  • Stay positive!- There's always a solution, and I know that before I would be so self conscious because of my skin and that's what would make people notice it. But now, regardless of what my skin looks like I'm still confident and I just remember that it will pass and really if I don't care why would it matter if anyone else does?
I hope that some of these tips may help! Contact me on either my instagram- @helenanuich or my tumblr-
& if you are having a bad skin day and stressing over it, here's a little affirmation to help you remember to chill and focus on moving forward

Helena x

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