Saturday, 6 July 2013

Keeping fit over these colder months (and all year round)

Yes it is freezing. No I am not going to go for a walk and come home a Popsicle.
Ah July, those nippy mornings where bed just seems better than anything else and then comes the afternoon where it's still cold. Exercising in this cold may look daunting but I do have one huge tip to make it so much easier- YouTube. No need to go outside, and they are free of charge. These YouTube channels are great for any ability level and are great to do everything from toning, to de-stressing etc. And the best part is it's not just great for winter, but all year round! No fancy equipment needed! So here are a few of my picks of great channels-

Honestly my favorite form of exercise! I love Cassey, she is inspirational, funny, a great trainer and she makes working out fun. Her videos range from beginners pilates to advanced and even cardio. Also if you're interested in some clean eats there are an abundance of them on her blog.

A great yoga channel, with different videos for so many different things weather you're looking for weight loss or just to practice a simple yoga.

I love the tone it up girls! Their videos and workouts are great and suitable for everyone plus they always seem to come up with amazing recipes that are delicious. Two very inspirational women who's friendship and lifestyle I think everyone should strive for, they are for sure two of my role models.

Again, a yoga channel. I love Tara because she again has videos for near to everything. I tend to go for her yoga videos featured on Livestrong Woman's channel where she also does a couple of great food videos (The strawberry shortcake smoothie is heavenly)

I hope these come of some use! All these woman are inspirational in their own rights and all of their videos make workout out enjoyable- as it should be!

Enjoy your weekend,
Helena x 

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