Thursday, 27 June 2013

Style inspiration for this winter

Ok so maybe I have watched 34 hours of Pretty Little Liars in the last few weeks that I have been off school. Slightly obsessive? Yes. But from all that I have decided to completely change my style (which has gone from trashy to 90's to homeless to boho to just plain old jeans and a shirt in the last 3 years) to a more classy and sophisticated look. And with watching PLL for all those hours I've managed to get a few idea's from Hanna (played by Ashley Benson).

Probably one of the reasons why I really love her style is because I can really connect to the personality of the character. We're both very bold and confident, and we both try to look good even if were feeling rubbish.

So to sum up my winter style-

  • Shirts with ruffles or fringes, paired with plain black skinny's for a casual look.
  • Belts and waist definition- really bringing focus to the waist (for me, I'm blessed to have quite a small waist, so by adding a belt it really gives more of an illusion of the hour glass figure)
  • Having a plan shirt with bold jewelry- i'm talking big necklaces, chunky bracelets to really add something to an everyday look.
  • Blazers- A black blazer is a girls best friend. A classy jacket that can easily be dressed up or down. 
  • Boots- You don't even need to blow out a heap of cash for a nice pair of black or beige boots, I have a great pair that I got for $35 and they go with everything from a casual outing to a fancy dinner.
  • A good bag- I've just ordered a Celine bag online (most excited I have been in a long time!) Black, white, beige are all colors that can be paired with almost everything. Make sure when purchasing a bag to make sure that it is the right size for you- for me, I wanted something big that I would be able to fit a lot in but for it to still look classy.
  • Hair- I'm working on this... I have the thickest hair, so doing anything with it is a challenge, but I am on the hunt for something that will give me the same messy curl look as Hanna in PLL season 2.
  • Makeup- Trying to go minimal foundation, a very natural look, but really emphasizing the eyes. I use this- - for the green eyes just to make my eyes 'pop' and be the center of attention. For lips, a pink/natural tone works well, I find that these are great to achieve that natural look without having any of the sticky side effects left by most lip products.
  • And lastly, a new attitude. I've been off school due to illness lately and I just decided that rather than feeling sorry for myself I need to come back better than ever. So walking round with my head high, with my confidence back will add to my look and pull everything together.
Season 2 hair (wish me luck, my hair is more temperamental than I am)

For more idea's of what to wear check this out- 

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