Friday, 28 June 2013


This years Saturdays are quite different to those that I'm used to. Usually I would be rushing around in the early, dark morning, looking for socks and trainers and filling up drink bottles and trying to get to the netball courts bright and early to freeze my butt off. But this year things without the mad morning netball rush are different.
I start my Saturdays, still bright and early, but instead of running around after a ball- I do pilates.
Yes I admit, getting out of bed on a cold winter morning is torture, but call me crazy I jump out of bed and am rearing to get to my 8am pilates class.
Pilates is my favorite form of exercise and it's got many health benefits-
  • The gain of longer, leaner muscle- Pilates exercises accentuate the length of limbs and change bulky muscle into longer, leaner muscle.
  • Better balance- Pilates strengthens the core, which is basically your powerhouse for balance.
  • A consciousness of breath- While doing pilates exercises you gain consiousness of the breaths you are taking and really focus on the moment.
  • Greater strength- Pilates is a form of resistance training, which will build your strength.
  • More awareness of your body- Before Pilates I had a terrible posture, but now that I am aware of my ability to pull in my stomach to neutral and straightening my spine my posture has improved.
  • It's fun! Grab a Pilates DVD, go to a class, or try out Blogilates for some crazy workouts that will have you smiling the whole time.
As well as my morning Pilates, today my mother and I visited the Oritia Markets. From fresh beautiful produce, to spicy salami, to hot and fresh cinnamon buns- there is something to satisfy everyone. On this beautiful- but nippy- day here in Auckland we had a blast and got some great buys.
I love shopping at markets, you are guaranteed fresh and real, whole food all for a reasonable price.
Here are some of our buys from today-

Produce- I could not walk past without buying these mandarins, the color is so bright and vibrant and the taste was exceptional. 
Salami- My father loves salami, like any Croatian, so we bought him this authentic European Salami
Pure apple juice- Apple juice, plain and simple, nothing else added. 
Pic's peanut butter- The man selling these stopped me and my mum by telling us to try this peanut better, because it will be the best peanut butter that I've ever tasted. He was right (defiantly having this on the bagels I bought with banana for breaky tomorrow) 

Last but not least, the bread. A ciabatta and a wholegrain sourdough. The thing I love about this is that there are no preservatives. You look at your typical bread, you buy it, use it, pop it in the fridge and it lasts for days and days. To me, there's something wrong with that. With this bread, it's whole and full of the goodness that it should have. It's back to the basics, which I believe is how food should be- basic.

I hope you all had a great Saturday, whether you were freezing on the netball court, or tucked up in bed or like me doing pilates.
Helena x

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