Friday, 28 June 2013

Baking with Baba

This year at my school we are given the task to do a personal project. What's that? You may ask. Basically it's a project that we the students pick to do whatever interests us and produce something by the end of the year. For me, I wanted to do something for my grandparents, they have all been a huge part of my life and I wanted to do something to thank them, so I decided to make a Croatian cookbook. And not just any cook book where I get a few recipes  pictures and whip them all together and done, no, I want to make every single dish and learn about the stories behind them and the techniques which is something that you just don't get from looking at a basic recipe.

So far, I've done some baking with my Baba Jele (grandmother) and it has honestly been such a great experience. My baba and I are extremely close, and I can share anything with her. Baking with her has opened my eyes to how much of a remarkable woman she is. No cook books, nothing. She makes dozens of amazing dishes all from memory, and coming from a poor village where she didn't even recognize what bread was, to me, makes her cooking and baking even more special. Right now, my Baba and Dide are back home in Sucuraj Croatia and I am missing them both dearly.

All of my grandparents are amazing cooks and bakers, I love them all so much and I hope to pass on their recipes to my own children and grand children.
Baba Jele i Olga, Dide Ivan i Marko- volim te puno, hvala za sve.

Have a good one,
Helena x

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