Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Auckland's finest cafes (in my opinion)

I am a cafe hopper. I can admit it. Although it would take only one glance at my instagram (@helenanuich) to realize. I am a muesli fanatic, and an avid soy chai latte drinker, and cafes feel like my second home.
Here is a list, of what I think are some of Auckland's best spots for food, drinks and hanging out.

Villa cafe (Birkenhead) Easily the best ceaser salad that I've ever had, I'm usually extremely picky with salads but this one was spot on. Nice little area outside to sit as well and is my number 1 choice cafe when I'm out in Birkenhead.

Gloria Jean (you can find them basically anywhere, this one is on Victoria St) Simple, affordable and oh so good. A filling and satisfying meal at a good price.

Shaky Isles (Britomart) Whether you're in search of a drink and something sweet or a quality meal, you'll be able to find them both here. This funky cafe has a great atmosphere, friendly staff and some of the best food I've had. Whenever I'm in town this is my go to place either with friends or a book and i'm in for a good time.

White's & co (Britomart) Froyo- man's best invention to date. With the topping selection changing all the time there is always something here that anyone would love. Whether you're going to go for the fruit and granola or treat yourself to come lollies and brownies, this place is perfect.

Servo (Te Atatu Peninsula) I can't even begin to count how many times I have had the Moroccan chicken salad here, literally I had it yesterday. This cafe is overlooking a beautiful view of the city, is great for kids and has fantastic food. The menu has it all, breakfast and lunch as well as a cabinet full of sweet treats and savory sandwiches, and the drinks are always done to perfection. This is my favorite cafe to go to when my friends come round to mine and the staff are wonderful.

Alleluya cafe (K road) Tied first for my top muesli. Which is a pretty big honor- I'm a very tough muesli judge. This quirky cafe is located in St Kevin's arcade with plants all round, vibrant people and most importantly great food. Whether it be a beautiful sunny day or a typical Auckland winter's day I love coming here and soaking up the atmosphere.

Mustache cookie cafe (Wellesley St) This, in my opinion, is one of Auckland's best spots. It's a tiny cafe, with the smell of freshly baked cookies always lurking. These cookies are freshly made, and the flavors range from your classic chocolate chip, to Oreo marshmallow, to even a cookie cake. Grab a cookie and some milk and you're good to go.

Mimosa (Takapuna) This little organic cafe is what I look forward to every time I endure getting my braces tightened across the road at the orthodontist. The food is out of this world good, and the smoothies are even better. Perfect for any craving, and everything is organic. With cute retro decor, I love coming and relaxing here and trying out whatever's new on their menu.

King's plant's barn cafe (Henderson) Best. Muesli. Ever. That is a fact. I can't even begin to explain my love for this muesli. And really just this whole cafe. The cabinet food has me drooling, and their menu always leaves me with hard decisions. The staff is amazingly friendly and the whole cafe has a great vibe to it. And going back to this muesli, every bite was Heaven.

Luscious food store (Te Atatu Peninsula) Whenever I need time to clear my head, I come here. The place is great to either sit outside and soak up the sun, or to get some work done over a latte inside. Also from having family with small children, I know that this is a great place for parents with little ones to come and catch up with friends or just to have a nice coffee while their kids are busy playing in the sandpit.

Eurobake (Albany) Best selection of cabinet food- their panini's are to die for. Across the road from my school this has been the place to go when the after school hunger strikes. With a very simple menu, they manage to cover everything. Along with their fresh baking is their fresh bread, my favorites being the french stick or ciabatta- always made to perfection here.

Twenty Three (Mt Eden) Great food, great staff and a nice atmosphere. It was so hard to choose what I wanted because everything looked delicious. The staff was incredibly friendly and the little, but groovy cafe is defiantly at the top of my list.

These are just a few of what I think are the best cafe's in Auckland, and lets face it, at the rate of cafes I visit there will be plenty of new cafes that I will come across.

That's all for now,
Helena x 

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